• Hedvig12 April 2017
    In 2016, EU member states increased their official aid from 73,4 to 81,3 billion dollars. While support to humanitarian aid and domestic refugee reception increased, aid to the poorest countries is decreasing, contrary to the donors promises.
  • Hedvig05 April 2017
    The following statement was made by Afghan civil society representatives at the Brussels Conference on Afghanistan in October 2016.
  • Hedvig09 March 2015
    Brussels, 8 March 2015 - International Women's Day - European High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini,  has marked the International Women's Day 2015 with a special program to support Afghan women leaders. 
  • Hedvig10 December 2014
    London, 3&4 December 2014 - As part of instilling positive, long-lasting change in Afghanistan, Afghan civil society are now, more than ever, looking towards the future. Ayenda, meaning ‘future’ in Dari, not only encompasses Afghan civil society's views as to how a just and peaceful Afghanistan can be achieved, but also provides a platform for discussion of these with international policy makers.  The Ayenda Conference was an associate event of the London Conference on Afghanistan. 
  • Hedvig13 October 2014
    "Afghanistan is in the grip of a humanitarian crisis, with millions of Afghans in need of assistance. To ensure that Afghanistan can meet its goals under the Tokyo Mutual Accountability Framework, the Government and its partners should prioritise: 1) responding and developing resilience to emergencies, and 2) promoting poverty-reduction and basic development, particularly among vulnerable groups."  In preparation of the London Conference on Afghanistan, on 25th of November 2014,  this policy paper was made by International Rescue Committee, InterAction, Afghanaid, Norwegian Refugee Council, CARE, BAAG and ENNA. 
  • Hedvig29 September 2014
    Shamsia Hassani  : “Usually I am painting women with burqas in modernism shape on walls, I want to talk about their life, to find some way to remove them from darkness, to open their mind, to bring some positive changes, trying to remove all bad memories of war from everybody’s mind with covering sad city’s walls with happy colors.” Hassani uses street art to highlight the stituation facing women in Afghanistan. 
  • Hedvig13 June 2014
    Advances in women’s rights and participation – in education, employment and  public life– are primarily an achievement of Afghans themselves. Yet, NATO and the international community at large continue to have a critical role to play – as well as responsibilities – to ensure that these hard-won and still fragile gains are consolidated and expanded.  Therefore the two main networks of NGO’s active in Afghanistan, ENNA and BAAG, are making recommendations to NATO and ISAF allies how to guarantee and  support the security of women during a future mission. 
  • Hedvig07 April 2014
    Kabul, 6 April 2014 (AWN/ENNA) - “I vote with one hand, and slap the Taliban with the other”, said one Afghan women on election day, April 5th, after casting her vote in Kabul. The female voter turnout has been a major success, confirms AWN (Afghan Women’s Network) in her statement. According to IEC (Independent Election Commission) 35% of all voters were women. AWN is proud of all those brave women, who defied the threats of the Taliban.  The women’s network is urging national and international observers to monitor closely the vote counting.
  • Hedvig27 February 2014
    The good news : Afghan women were able to play a significant role in the reconstruction of their country, during the last 12 years. The bad news : still 85 % of Afghan women are illiterate,  half of Afghan women marry before the age of 16, every 2 hours a woman dies in Afghanistan while giving birth to her child and cases of violence against women increased by 25% last year.  The Afghan Women’s Network (AWN) confirms the challenges and is urging the Presidential candidates to give priority to women's rights.
  • Hedvig30 January 2014
    Research report by AFGANA  &  ARCS Afghan civil society has little trust in any high level peace talks, even with the Taliban, because the representation of both parties is doubtful and is not representing all Afghan people. It is therefore most important that peace and reconciliation starts from bottom up. And in order to get peace, there should be justice in the first place. 
  • Hedvig19 December 2013
      Participants of the High level Conference on Afghanistan in the European Parliament, highlighted there was no shortage of challenges such as security, women’s rights, corruption, economic growth and drug production.  The presidential elections will be an important test for the country.  
  • Hedvig12 December 2013
    Interview with Eric Cheysson, vascular surgeon and president of La Chaine de l'espoir, member of ENNA
  • Hedvig12 December 2013
    Interview with Gregory Le Blanc, director of Handicap International in Afghanistan, member of ENNA
  • Hedvig24 June 2013
    Read and watch the statements on Afghanistan during the Plenary Session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, on Wednesday June 12, 2013 : EU Commissioner Andris Piebalgs  and Members of Parliament    
  • Hedvig03 June 2013
    European Commissioner for Development, ANDRIS PIEBALGS, at the ENNA conference on “Peace for all Afghans?” in the  European Parliament, 3 June 2013   - Brussels.               
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