The $16 billion aid pledge by the international donors and new strong commitments made by the Afghan Government are the most significant outcomes of the conference in Tokyo, held in July 2012. ENNA believes that the outcomes of Tokyo are positive and important for the future of the Afghans.  

There is a clear funding commitment on the part of donors for the next three years and also the likelihood of major aid transfers through 2017. It also ensures an ongoing focus on the Afghan Government’s performance in critical areas, such as progress on human rights, the fight against poverty and against corruption. This is in line with ENNA’s view that both the quantity and quality of aid are important issues to consider.

However, ENNA is concerned about the implementation of those commitments, since there is a big gap between the goals expressed and the reality on the ground.There is the urgent need for more clarity and concrete actions, that benefit the ordinary Afghans.


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