Since January 2013, 32 NGOs' aid workers have been killed in Afghanistan.  ACBAR - the Agency  Coordinating  Body of Afghan Relief  and  Development - calls  upon  all  parties  to  the Afghan  conflict  to end  all  forms  of violence  against Humanitarian Actors – including NGOs and their employees.

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Since January 2013, 32 NGOs' aid workers have been killed in Afghanistan.  ACBAR - the Agency  Coordinating  Body of Afghan  Relief  and  Development - calls  upon all  parties to the Afghan conflict to end all forms of violence against Humanitarian Actors – including NGOs and their employees.

ACBAR has been aggrieved to hear of the attack on ACTED staff in Faryab province (Afghanistan), resulting in the death of six national staff members as well as serious injuries for a seventh person part of the team. Our thoughts and condolences go to the families of our colleagues as well as to the whole ACTED team.

Once   again,   ACBAR   wants   to  reiterate   its  strong   condemnation   of   any   attack, intimidation,   violence   or  threats  against   NGOs  working  in  Afghanistan.   ACBAR appeals to all parties to the Afghan conflict to respect the neutrality of NGOs as well as to allow humanitarian access to those in need.

ACBAR  would like to restate  that humanitarian  organizations  are working  impartially  and independently  to deliver  much  needed  aid  to the  Afghan  people  who  need  it the  most, irrespective of ethnic identity, religious or political beliefs.

In the  current  context,  where  Afghanistan  still  faces  major  challenges  such  as  the high vulnerability to natural disasters, one of the worst levels of poverty in the world, an increase in crime and an intensification  of a conflict that has been ongoing for more than 30 years, NGOs  –  both  local  and  international  – play,  and  will  continue  to play,  a critical  role  in providing relief and development aid to people in need, in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan, often in areas where other service providers have limited or no access.

Any  attack,  intimidation,  violence  or  threat  against  NGO  staff,  interests,  beneficiaries  or assets  will ultimately  result in delays in aid implementation,  which negatively  impacts the welfare of the people  of Afghanistan  – particularly  the most vulnerable  and marginalized groups.



  • ACBAR,  the Agency  Coordinating  Body for Afghan  Relief & Development,  is an Afghan independent body bringing together 123 national and international NGOs working in Afghanistan  and abiding by the humanitarian  principles of independence,  neutrality, impartiality  and  humanity.  As the  collective  voice  of NGOs  operating  in Afghanistan, ACBAR’s activities have focused heavily on providing information  to its members / the aid community, coordination of activities at the national / regional levels, and advocacy on issues affecting the work of its members.    
  • ACTED:  French  NGO ACTED  has intervened  since 1993 on the major  humanitarian crises throughout the world, in order to assist the vulnerable populations with emergency relief   interventions,   reconstruction   projects   and   development   programmes   in   35 countries.  Today,  4,000  staff are dedicated  to responding  to emergencies  worldwide, supporting  recovery  and rehabilitation,  and working  towards  sustainable  development. ACTED has been committed to populations in Afghanistan since 1993.