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The dreadful incidents of violence against women remain the headlines of the news. In spite of all the gains and efforts made towards promoting women’s rights in Afghanistan, social and legal protection of women is deteriorating. Severe violence against women occurs in provinces under government’s control. These violence cases are not followed up seriously in a transparent process by the law enforcement agencies.



The Afghan Women Network (AWN) is extremely disappointed  with the recent serious  incidents  of violence against women. The judgment against Chaman Gul’s case, where she was raped by a group of local police two years back is extremely shocking.   Two women were found hanged in Logar province, two women were killed over a family dispute in Faryab province by their sons, father-in-law kills his daughter-in-law and two grandsons(8 and 10 years) in Ghazni, 17 years old Shakila was shot on her face by her husband in Kabul, shooting of a boy and a girl in Baghlan, through an informal justice, a mother attacked and killed by her son with a knife in Herat today, are some of very upsetting examples of increased violence against women in Afghanistan.



In spite of all the gains and efforts made towards promoting women’s rights in Afghanistan, social and legal protection of women is deteriorating, which raises concerns over the roles, responsibilities and commitments of the Afghan government.


AWN calls on Afghan government to prove its commitment towards law enforcement, investigate and follow up on the recent cases of violence  against women immediately and conduct public trials in order to prosecute the perpetrators and their supporters. The government has to increase the accountability  of it is law enforcement  and judiciary.  AWN also urges Afghan  government  to provide immediate lifesaving support to victims of violence against women across the country.



AWN calls upon Religious Leaders to play their role according to their religious mission according to Islamic values in protecting women’s rights, position in the family, community and society.



AWN recalls  on Afghan  Civil  Society  and  Communities to closely  monitor  the cases  of violence against women from the prosecution  to judgment at the provincial and local level. AWN is asking the Afghan Civil Society and Communities  to play active role in coordinating and sharing timely and accurate information regarding violence against women with relevant stakeholders.



AWN calls on International  Community  to consider the urgency of their support in terms of ending violence against   women   in   Afghanistan.   AWN is asking on  practical   measures to   implement commitments  made under  Tokyo  Mutual  Accountability  Framework towards ending  violence against women. We ask international community  for provision of special funding to support the severe case of violence against women.


Press Release Afghan Women Network (AWN)     3Dec2013  AWN  Statement - Violence against Women

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