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January 2014  -   Research Report for  AFGANA  &  ARCS


Italian journalist Guiliano Battiston did research for Afgana and ARCS (both NGO's in Italy and member of ENNA), he interviewed more than 120 people in 7 different provinces of Afghanistan. The interviews were conducted almost exclusively within the major cities of Afghanistan.

Afghan civil society has little trust in any high level peace talks, even with the Taliban, because the representation of both parties is doubtful and is not representing all Afghan people. It is therefore most important that peace and reconciliation starts from bottom up. This is the only way to deal with the past , to overcome the many differences and to bridge the deep cracks in society. Civil society organizations have an important role to play for the future of Afghanistan and should be supported by the international community.

In order to get peace, there should be justice in the first place. No peace without a well-functioning juridical system.  A transitional justice plan is badly needed to expand and consolidate human security.


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Full report  Waiting for 2014 - Giuliano Battiston-Afgana