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Research by  APPRO, Afghanistan Public Policy Research Organization - January 2014 




European NGOs will attempt to maintain the current levels of activity in Afghanistan. No NGO has plans to leave the country. But they are prepared for 3 scenario’s :

-Positive : security and peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan.  This one is least realistic.

-Negative : Afghanistan is a fragile state, with general disorder and security problems, but there is no civil war. In this case NGOs will try to continue without decreasing activities, but some regions might be excluded from help (south and east) or only essential staff might stay. Remote program monitoring will be considered.

-Worst case : chaos, where NGOs become targets themselves. NGOs will pull out their staff and only basic humanitarian aid will remain.



Main challenge for the future : the quality of the work, while the funding is diminishing.

Main question for NGOs : are deals with the Taliban acceptable, to secure the continuation of the aid programs.


Recommendations :

-Explore remote program management possibilities

-Incorporate flexibility in managements of funds

-Exercise cultural and contextual sensitivity

-Continue commitment

-Setting clear milestones

-Support and create spaces for nurturing national capacity

-Allocate program funds thoughtfully

-Assess capacity of NGO fund recipients


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