FES report

ENNA participated in the debate with experts and European decision makers on “Constructive Conflict Resolution from the Neighbourhood”. The Round Table was organised by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), a German social-democratic foundation. FES is promoting democracy and strengthening the social dimension of economic development. For Afghanistan, their work is focusing on reinforcing peace and security. They are proposing a regional approach in order to counterbalance the withdrawal of the international forces and to find a long lasting solution. 

Their report "Envisioning Afghanistan Post 2014. Perspectives and Strategies for Constructive Conflict Resolution from the Neighbourhood" has been written by 60 multidisciplinary experts from the entire region (Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Central Asia Republics, etc.).  It mainly proposes the Afghan Foreign Policy to be based on the concept of neutrality, both towards its neighbours and global powers. The report is asking the international military forces to withdraw with responsibility, but is urging the international donors to stay committed with the pledged funds. Obviously, the report recommends as well to strengthen the regional cooperation to boost the economic development in Afghanistan.

Read the full report     FES report:Envisioning Afghanistan post 2014