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Progress has been made in Afghanistan, but the economic and social challenges remain significant. GDP per-capita is the lowest in Asia and among the lowest 20 in the world. With 400.000 new youngsters entering into the labor force each year, job creation is a the most urgent and formidable challenge. Poverty remains high at about 36%. Infant mortality still among highest in the world and literacy very low at 25%. Afghanistan will remain highly aid dependent for years.


The World Bank is supporting Afghanistan with three different funds, of which the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund is the most important.


The Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF) was established in 2002 to provide a coordinated financing mechanism for the Government of Afghanistan's budget and priority national investment projects. It is the largest single source of on-budget financing for Afghanistan’s development and is delivering important results within key sectors including education, health, agriculture, rural development, infrastructure, and governance.

In 2013, 8.1 million Afghans were benefitting from ARTF projects, 38% women/girls. 

The ARTF is supported by 33 donors, with the European Union as one of the important ones, and administered by the World Bank.

It is acknowledged that the ARTF is as a very powerful tool for the future of Afghanistan.



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