The good news : Afghan women were able to play a significant role in the reconstruction of their country, during the last 12 years. For example, they contributed to the draft of new Afghan Constitution in 2004 and secured a 27% quota for women in both Houses of the Parliament.  


The bad news : still 85 % of Afghan women are illiterate,  half of Afghan women marry before the age of 16, every 2 hours a woman dies in Afghanistan while giving birth to her child and cases of violence against women increased by 25% last year.


The Afghan Women’s Network (AWN) confirms the challenges for the future and is urging the Presidential candidates to give priority to women's rights.

In a widely adopted charter AWN is recommending the following policy priorities :

-elimination of violence against women

-special programs and houses for female victims of violence

-access to basic and higher education for women

-access to better medical treatment and medications, especially for pregnant women

-increase women’s involvement and empowerment in regional government

-appoint women in key judicial and justice positions to 25%

-appoint female judges in the High Council of Supreme Court

-recruit and train more female police

-involve women in the peace process

-create jobs for women, train their working skills and support businesswomen


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