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Kabul, 20March2014 (ENNA) - The EU will be one of the important international observers of the Afghan elections on April 5th, 2014, though the mission is limited due to security reasons.  Chief Observer Thijs Berman, Member of the European Parliament, is leading the EU Election Assessment Team of 15 European observers. "The elections should be credible and acceptable in the eyes of all Afghan citizens", Berman said at his first press conference in Kabul.  

"Only a good electoral process, where voters, winners and losers are proud of their engagement, and confident about the reality of the results, will offer the best prospect for the years to come. That is the challenge of these elections," he told the Afghan press.

Berman, who is Chair of the Delegation for relations with Afghanistan in the European Parliament, added : "We will focus on the key stages of the electoral process, such as the legal and electoral framework, the election campaign, the media environment, the vote counting, and the handling of eventual election complaints."

The delegation will stay in Afghanistan until completion of the electoral process, until June, during which it will visit several provinces including Kandahar, Herat, Nangarhar and Balkh.


"The Taliban may try to disrupt the elections with violent attacks. But if the Afghans are able to cast a credible vote on April 5th, it will prove that Afghanistan is ready for its future."

Recently, the Taliban issued a statement warning Afghan citizens not to take part in the April presidential and provincial council elections or they could suffer the consequences of militant violence planned to disrupt the process. 

The statement is the first explicit threat from the Taliban militancy regarding the 2014 elections. Other than a couple attacks on election officials during the fall voter registration process, the assassination of the Kunduz Independent Election Commissions (IEC) chief in September and a botched attempt on Abdullah Abdullah's life in February, the election preparation process has been surprisingly insulated from ongoing violence around the country.



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