women voters

Kabul, 2 April 2014 (AWN/ENNA) - Afghan Women’s Network (AWN) calls on ALL relevant actors to ensure necessary measures for women's  protection and security during election day, 5 April 2014. 

Women’s active participation in the 2014 Presidential and Provincial Council Election is vital. Today, 35% of newly registered voters are women. Women’s equal and meaningful participation in the elections is an indicator of an inclusive, fair and transparent practice of democracy.

The Presidential and Provincial Councils Election of 2014 are a historic opportunity for a peaceful transition of political power from one elected President to the other.

However, Afghan women have legitimate concerns about their security during election day, the misuse of their votes and violence that might occur, which will prevent many of them to actually cast their vote.

Therefore,  Afghan Women’s Network calls on the Afghan National Police, Army and National Department of Security for the following measures to be taken:

1. Ensure that the polling stations for women are provided with security measures,  including female searchers presences throughout the day.

2. Provide an election environment according to the cultural sensitivity of the country
3. Include women observers to monitor the election process

4. the Electoral Complaints of women candidates and women voters should be addressed and responded urgently

5. The vote count must be held in the presence of the national and international observers, including women.

Finally, AWN is urging the presidential candidates to respect the final results of the elections.