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Kabul, 6 April 2014 (AWN/ENNA) - “I vote with one hand, and slap the Taliban with the other”, said one Afghan women on election day, April 5th, after casting her vote in Kabul.


The female voter turnout has been a major success, confirms AWN (Afghan Women’s Network) in her statement. According to IEC (Independent Election Commission) 35% of all voters were women. AWN is proud of all those brave women, who defied the threats of the Taliban.  The women’s network is urging national and international observers to continue their important work and monitor closely the vote counting.



AWN summarizes these elections as a big achievement for Afghanistan, especially for women. “Women showed once again that nothing can stop them and are determined to mark their destiny”, says Hasina Safi, director of AWN.  In spite of the severe security threats, women’s participation was unexpectedly great, not only in Kabul and in cities, also in the provinces such as Mazar, Herat, Kandahar, Nengarhar and many more, according to AWN.

More than 7 million Afghans turned out to vote, this is double as much than in 2009.   “All Afghans proved that they are ready for democracy and are even very enthusiastic about it”, confirms Hasina Safi.



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AWN is thanking the Afghan National Security Forces, army and police, for providing full support to all women during the election day and facilitating a secure environment for people to go out to vote.  AWN is recognizing the outstanding role of the national media and journalists, they all did a very professional job.


AWN assigned a total of 295 observers (10-15 female in each of 28 provinces), to report issues and problems women faced during the day.

AWN coordinated the filed complaints and informed the Election Complaint Commission, to make sure problems were addressed on time or in a proper manner. AWN observers reported that very minor security issues exists in some places like Adraskan district of heart, Kapisa province and Kokcha village of Samangan province some bullet shooting and explosions took place that hindered people, especially women to go and vote, but luckily a suicide bomber was arrested in Faryab province.

Electoral fraud has been reported, such as interference of leaders of the villages and communities in voting and not allowing observers to enter polling stations, limited availability of voting material such as ballots and ink, like in the Emam Saheb district of Kunduz province. Fortunately, the issues were resolved, once AWN reported them to the Election Complaints Commission (ECC).

Some polling stations ran out of  voting ballots very early in the day , but the ones in Kabul were resupplied shortly after, but in the provinces of Daikundi and Baghlan ballots were not supplied until 4.30 p.m.  

Counterfeiting was reported and resolved on time. There were voters with fake voting cards but were recognized and arrested before they could cast their vote.

“The Election Complaints Commission must make sure to respond to all complaints and fraud cases in right manner to make this election credible and acceptable, to make it a historical turning point for Afghanistan”, says AWN’s director Hasina Safi.  Finally, AWN is urging the presidential candidates to accept and respect the final results.


Afghan Women’s Network(AWN) as an umbrella of civil society women organizations, in support of the democracy process in Afghanistan. AWN has continuously strived to make this process institutionalized and inclusive. It has carried out the following programs:

Awareness programs (workshops, trainings, TV and Radio spots) on the importance of women’s participation in the elections, were held in 28 provinces , which targeted 87,500 men and women. As a result, 20,000 women in those 28 provinces were convinced to register and to get a voting card.

AWN made sure that women’s issues were incorporated in the agenda and policy programs of the presidential candidates.  AWN presented policy recommendations, during private sessions and public debates with the presidential candidates .

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