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Kabul, 7 April 2014 - EU EAT Chief Observer, Thijs BERMAN, said at a press conference in Kabul, where he presented the preliminary statement of his Election Assessment Team : 

"One thing is cristal clear: Afghan voters have shown a remarkable, impressive determination to choose their leadership in freedom, by voting peacefully, in unexpectedly high numbers. Afghan voters showed their radical choice for the democratic constitution of Afghanistan and the universal rights enshrined in it. We have been present in the polling stations, and we were impressed and moved by the determination, and the will of Afghan voters to let their democracy live. We don’t know who has won. We know that the Taliban have lost."


“Violence did not deter Afghan voters. We have to be cautious : some rural areas may show a very different picture than the bigger towns. But even in regions like Kandahar and Herat, people have cast their votes quite massively, standing in lines, and nor the insecurity nor the rain could keep them at home.

I wish to express my deep respect for all these voters, for all the thousands of people involved in the organization of these elections, IEC, IECC, security forces, civil servants, civil society and candidate observers, the media. On election day, Afghanistan has given the world a lesson in democratic ambition.”


Read the preliminary findings of the EU Election Assessment Team : 

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