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Advances in women’s rights and participation – in education, employment, public life– are primarily an achievement of Afghans themselves. Yet, NATO and the international community at large continue to have a critical role to play – as well as responsibilities – to ensure that these hard-won and still fragile gains are consolidated and expanded.  Therefore the two main networks of NGO’s active in Afghanistan, ENNA and BAAG, are making recommendations to NATO and ISAF allies how to guarantee and  support the security of women during a future mission.  
Read them :       Joint Recommendations from ENNA & BAAG to NATO -June 2014
The ENNA/BAAG recommendations to NATO (from 12 June 2014) were succesfully received by NATO nations and Secretary General Rasmussen and Special Representative Mari Skaare. 
Both reacted positively in a personal letter to ENNA (letter received on 11 July 2014).   
Our general recommendations regarding the NATO summit were endorsed and are part of the Action Plan, endorsed by NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs on 25 June 2014 : 
1. Permanent position in the NATO staff of the Special Representative for Women, Peace and Security 
2. Continuous consultation with Afghan and international civil society on Women, Peace and Security 
3. Side event on Women, Peace and Security to the NATO Summit in Newport, Wales, in September 
All three points presented by ENNA & BAAG. 
NATO Special Representative for Women, Peace and Security, Mari Skaare confirms her commitment to continue to invite ENNA and its partners to future consultations : “The Alliance will continue its engagement with civil society, when taking the Policy and the Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security forward.” 
As a direct result of ENNA's letter to NATO, Mari Skaare personally will have another consultation with AWN, in Kabul on 25 August 2014 to discuss ENNA's recommendations.  
Read answer of NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen  : 20140716 NATO response to ENNA letter.pdf