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Kabul, 12 June 2014 (ENNA) -  More than 100 women-led organizations that work for women’s promotion and empowerment and more than 3000 individual members of Afghan Women’s Network (AWN), working in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan, have asked the two finalists of the presidential elections to endorse  a Six Point Petition. The petition outlines a plan for an Afghanistan where women and men enjoy equal rights and protection under the law.


Afghan Women’s Network (AWN) congratulates the two prime candidates of the presidential elections,  Dr.AbdullahAbdullah  and Dr.Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, for showing their readiness for democracy in Afghanistan, for their acceptance of a second round of elections, in conformity with Afghan law, allowing the women and men of Afghanistan to participate in selecting a government that best represents them.


Despite several setbacks and challenges the last ten years, there have been landmark changes for women in Afghanistan, when compared to pre-2001, where oppression against women was institutionalized and women were confined  to their homes. The momentum of progress made over the last decade must be sustained with the change of national leadership. Women’s health, education, and leadership for strengthening governance should be a priority of the new Afghan government. Women’s inclusion should be considered as an integral standard of good governance, not a superficial commitment to the international community. Women’s voices should be heard just as their votes are counting and will define these elections.


Both candidates have endorsed the Six Point Petition of AWN . Both are committed to reflect the recommendations made to their future policy plans and actions, if they are elected as President.  This commitment includes concrete steps for advancing implementation of the National Action Plan for Women of Afghanistan (NAPWA), Elimination of Violence Against Women (EVAW) Law, and fully recognition of international agreements that  have been made and reinforced as in the Tokyo Mutual Accountability Framework (July 2012).

The Six Point Petition of AWN is making recommendations to strengthen the position of women in the following six area’s :

$1   1.    Education

$1   2.    Health

$1   3.    Political leadership

$1   4.    Justice

$1   5.    Peace and security

$1   6.    Economy


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                        AWN statement on Election Day - 17th.June 2014 .pdf




      Six Point Petition of AWN with signatures of two presidential candidates :