Afghan women

The Afghan Peace and Reintegration Process (APRP) is not a big success. It is only making a difference in communities where women are actively involved in the decision making process. So far, only in some areas the program and the reintegrating activities are welcomed and serve to strengthen security and community solidarity. In other parts of the country, the impact of the program is unclear and its reception by community members less positive. This is the result of the research done by PTRO (Peace Training and Research Organisation), supported by OXFAM Novib, one of ENNA’s members.  The Peace Training and Research Organization (PTRO) is an Afghan NGO based in Kabul ,which focusses on peace, conflict, and justice issues, and provides training in peacebuilding and good governance.

Reintegration of former insurgents into communities is a key element of the Afghan Peace and Reintegration Program (APRP), and creating a stable and peaceful future for the country. The role of women in this process is, however, widely neglected. Ensuring that women participate in and contribute to these reintegration activities is key in avoiding conflict recidivism in many areas of Afghanistan.

The report on the research of PTRO highlights the complex linkages at the community level between reintegration, security, and local economies, and the ways these interact with female participation in the APRP and community life more generally. Despite an increasingly public role in recent years, the role of women in Afghan communities remains largely confined to the domestic sphere. Within families, the support of women in encouraging and assisting insurgents in reintegration is essential to the success of the program. The often ignored role of informal women’s networks in providing support and advice to the families of reintegrees is also recognised.

In addition to supporting women, the report also highlights a number of steps that must be taken to ensure the success of the program and assist it in meeting its goals, and in supporting wider goals of sustainable peace in communities throughout Afghanistan.


Read the full report : The Home Front - PTRO - June 2014