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Kabul, 16 June 2014 - “On election day, Afghan voters, undeterred by violence, showed a remarkable determination by participating in large numbers in this first ever second round in Afghanistan’s electoral history. The world is struck by the courage of the Afghan voters, who, once again, showed us their choice, not only for a particular candidate,  but also for a democratic and peaceful society”, underlined THIJS BERMAN, Chief Observer of the EU Election Assessment Team (EU EAT) in Afghanistan. He presented today a preliminary statement on the second round of the Presidential elections, held on June 14th, at a press conference in Kabul. 


On Election day, security challenges were high, while the campaign had been marked by a direct attack against one of the candidates. “The EU EAT strongly condemns all violent incidents perpetrated against the election process, that also led to loss of life. Election officials, candidate representatives, domestic observers ánd voters that carried out their duties in such difficult circumstances are to be commended”, stated Berman.


“The Independent Election Commission (IEC) has shown continuous improvement, namely by increasing cooperation and communication. The IEC has brought important improvements between the first and second round of these elections, voting became better accessible with more polling stations and increased transparency”, highlights Berman.  ”The lack of a comprehensive voter register and a reliable census remains a key obstacle for the IEC in ensuring balanced distribution of ballots.”


“The EU Election Assessment Team remains in the country to observe postelection developments, in particular closely following the tallying process and handling of election complaints”, concluded Berman. The EU EAT will, within two months of the conclusion of the electoral process, publish a comprehensive Final report including recommendations for future elections, to be considered by the Afghan authorities.

Read full statement and press release of EU EAS :

EUEAT afghanistan preliminary statement final 16 06 2014 en.pdf

EUEAT afghanistan press release 16 06 2014 en.pdf