female-afghan-police                Kabul female police visits EUPOL EUPOL & Kabul's Female Police 




Kabul, 29 June 2014 - “A developed modern Afghan National Police serving the people, preventing and solving crime, based on community principles, needs a strong balance of female police officers. Female police network is one of many ways to support Afghan female police officer.  My meeting with the Female Police Executive Board make me really confident that Afghan Police are on the right track to implement a good gender balance and use female competence in the police”, according to EUPOL Head of Mission Karl Ake Roghe.


For the very first time since the establishment of the Female Executive board of the Kabul City Police (KCP), 13 members of the board were invited to EUPOL Headquarters for an official networking event. The purpose of the official visit was to give the senior management of EUPOL updates from police district level in terms of the implementation of Gender Standard Decree, female police situation and female network meetings.


Among the special guests there were Commander of Police District 1, Brigadier General Jamila Bayaz, EUPOL Head of Mission Karl Ake Roghe, Head of Police Component Kevin Lambert, Chief of Afghan Uniform Civilian Police (AUCP) Community Police Department Simon O’Connor, Head of Kabul Field Office David Oram, PD 1 commander, Br Gen Jamila Bayaz, first female police district commander in Afghanistan. Also representative from Gender & Human Rights department in the Ministry on Interior, Colonel Khan, attended the meeting.


A special attention was given to the development and increased popularity of the female executive board in Kabul and the best way to support female police councils in the capital and in the provinces. EUPOL’s Gender & Human Rights Mentor/Adviser Valeria Elefterie made the introductions explaining the concept and the current status of the female council in Kabul. She expressed her gratitude to her Afghan counterparts who made it all possible, including Colonel Wafa (Head of GHR in KCP), Colonel Rana Hameedzada (responsible of gender issues within GHR/KCP), as well as Br Gen Jamila Bayaz, who is a very committed supporter of women’s rights and welfare.


Both Kevin Lambert and EUPOL Head of Mission Karl Ake Roghe were very interested of the development of female councils, expressed their support in this matter and assured the Afghan guests of EUPOL’s commitment for the next two years in terms of female policing. They also highlighted that the Ministry of Interior should be a strong ally in this initiative and they were grateful to hear that the representative of GHR/MoI, Colonel Khan is planning to strengthen the female councils in the provinces as well.


Colonel Khan explained that MoI had drafted the Terms of Reference for the female councils in Afghanistan and handed it over to EUPOL and other gender stakeholders for reviewing purposes and inputs. From EUPOL’s side, Valeria Elefterie is involved in the working group for drafting the Term of References, together with representatives from Afghan Women Network, UNAMA, Women for Afghan Women, Global Rights and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

 “I am extremely proud of my Afghan counterparts in KCP and I wanted that GHR/MoI representatives could meet the female executive board in person, especially the president of the council, the deputy president and the secretary who were newly appointed by vote. Productive dialogue and direct interaction between important partners as KCP and MoI should become a habit”, Valeria Elefterie said.



Read more on EUPOL's website :    EEAS - EUPOL Afghanistan

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