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The goal of donor countries to spend 0.7 percent of BNI on aid has to date never been reached, with the EU totaling at 0.51 percent in 2016. This includes costs for domestic refugee reception. The OECD countries spent 10.8 percent of the aid budget on domestic refugee reception while aid to the least developed countries decreased with 3.9 percent compared to the previous year. The current draft for the new EU development politics would allow costs relating to migration and security to be classified as aid. OECD/DAC is also reviewing their classification of aid, much in line with the current EU draft. This threatens EU credibility, especially seeing as EU leaders want to use aid for migration control and in collaboration with military actors instead of increasing aid to the least developed countries and poverty reduction.

This is a summary of a debate article of April 12th 2017, published in Swedish by the Aid Watch Group – Sweden.